Become like Jesus

Langham Partnership has launched a new campaign encouraging Christians to work on their Christlikeness this year.

Between now and July, the "9-a-day: Becoming like Jesus" series will be supplying Christians with free resources to help them in their personal transformation.

The resources are available at a dedicated website - - with more material being released
each month.

At the heart of the campaign is the desire for Christians to cultivate the fruit of the Spirit as they hear and obey God's Word.

Well known Christians like Chris Wright share their thoughts on what it means to be Christlike and a series of video workshops has been designed to inspire further action on the nine fruits of the Spirit.

Users can share their stories on the website or keep an eye on the conversation at Twitter #9aday.

The campaign is being launched on the back of a national survey of UK Christians which found that over 90% of Christians agree that "The gospel message is undermined when Christians do not behave like the Jesus they proclaim".

However, more than half (54%) said they were concerned that "becoming more Christlike will increasingly alienate Christians from the culture around them".

Those surveyed identified John Stott, Billy Graham, and the Archbishop of York Dr John Sentamu as the three most Christlike Christians they know.

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