3 things married couples can learn from Priscilla and Aquila


Husbands and wives know that at times their marriage relationship does bring with it certain challenges. But if both the man and the woman choose to obey God and love each other, they can work together to overcome these challenges.

One practical way to overcome marriage problems would be to receive advice, counsel, or wisdom from a Godly couple who has grown in the Lord. Married couples will do well to have a Godly couple help them grow in the pursuit of Christ, and one such couple that could help is Priscilla and Aquila (see Acts 18).

A power couple

Priscilla and Aquila, one of the more prominent couples mentioned several times in the Bible, are best known as a couple that served God together. They were tentmakers by trade, and worked with the apostle Paul for quite a time.

All Christian couples can learn a thing or two from this power couple. Here are three of the many things we can learn from Priscilla and Aquila.

1. Married couples must see each other as equals

Godly couples see each other as equals in the sight of God. Some men tend to overpower their wives. Some wives, on the other hand, try to compete with their husbands in the area of superiority. Priscilla and Aquila didn't.

Out of six references to this couple, four have Priscilla's name ahead of Aquila. Some speculate that this is because Priscilla might be the more prominent or outspoken of the two, but Aquila didn't seem to mind. He never felt insecure of his wife's giftings or abilities, and neither did she feel that way with her husband.

2. Married couples can succeed in their career or work together

When we scour the New Testament, we always see Priscilla mentioned with Aquila. Whether it's with regard to their career or ministry, they're often seen together. They're partners in everything they did, and no one did something without the other.

Many husbands and wives today don't want to involve their spouses in what they're doing — even in things that can be best done with them together. We see Priscilla and Aquila, however, doing everything together. We can do this, too.

3. Married couples best serve God together

Lastly, married Christian couples need to realise that God meant them to join together to serve Him. The wife is not a second-rate person, nor is the husband way better than the wife. They see each other's specific gifts and areas of ministry and support each other in whatever God has designed them for.