'24': Fox show in early development stage


Is Jack Bauer having another action-packed gut-wrenching 24 hours soon?

FOX Network head confirmed Monday that they are planning to bring back Kiefer Sutherland's character for another season, but the planning is still in its very early stage. 

"We have been developing another version of '24' but it's still fairly early in the development process," co-CEO and co-chairman Gary Newman divulged to the press during a conference call about FOX's lineup Monday. "There's really nothing we can tell you at this time other than we are working on something." 

Newman was also mum about how the next "24" will be released. Will it have an episodic run for an entire season or a TV movie just like what was aired in 2008 as a filler between season 6 and season 7? 

The most recent installment of "24" was the 12-episode series titled "24: Live Another Day" that ran from May 5 to July 14, 2014. Although the show failed to get the same success as the first eight seasons of the spy thriller series, it still managed to get a decent 1.8 ratings average with the 18-49 age demographics and drew in 6.3 million viewers per episode. 

Early this year, FOX CEO and co-chairman Dana Walden mentioned that Sutherland may not be involved in the next installment of "24." 

"We're not talking about continuing the show without him," Walden explained. "We're talking about whether there is one installment that he's not in. And I think if the storytelling is exciting enough with the real-time element that that show really owns." 

Aside from Sutherland, some of the main cast members of the series are Leslie Hope as Jack's wife Teri Bauer, Elisha Cuthbert as their daughter Kim Bauer, Carlos Bernard as Tony Almeida, Eric Balfour as Milo Pressman, Dennis Haybert as David Palmer, and Dennis Hopper as Victor Drazen.