2017 iPhone release, specs, features rumor: All-glass body to feature in next year's iPhone?

AppleiPhone SE, the new iteration from Apple. According to rumors, Apple will overhaul the iPhone design for next year, to feature an aluminum body and glass form factor?

Reportedly, Apple will have a major overhaul come 2017, starting with the iPhone. According to speculations, the next iPhone to launch next year will favor an all-glass body, as Apple shifts from its aluminum-chassis design.

A new report from perennial Apple soothsayer Ming-Chi Kuo stated that Apple will completely revamp its lineups starting in 2017. According to 9to5Mac, the new report from the KGI Securities analyst mentioned that one of the major updates will be for the 2017 iPhone, which will allegedly shift from an all-metal, aluminum casing to an all-glass enclosure with an AMOLED display.

Reportedly, Kuo believes that Apple is well on its way to developing an all-glass iPhone, as it already has the technology to do so. Tweaking the assembly for the previous iPhone 4 lineup can be a start. When Apple released the iPhone 4 and 4s, it used glass front and back panels. However, the glass panels were sandwiched together and held by an aluminum frame.

Meanwhile, Abdel Ibrahim of AppAdvice believes that what Kuo has in mind is liquid metal construction. Similar to how the iPhone 4s was presented, the 2017 iPhone will also have glass panels on the front and the back, but instead of an aluminum frame, the whole device will be encased on the sides with liquid metal. This makes for the sides to have glass-like properties at first glance, but will be as strong as metal alloys.

Ibrahim also stated that while the technology is already in existence since 2010, the Cupertino-based company is known to be nit-picky about new tech, and takes a long time to fully develop new ideas. Much like how 3D Touch has just been recently introduced after many years of research, is it suggested that Apple has taken its time to solidly develop liquid metal, with the culmination of years of research to be seen starting with starting with the 2017 iPhone. Meanwhile, should the gamble pay off, it can be expected for the new technology to feature prominently in future Apple products.osure-with-amoled-screen/