£1m Church Urban Fund programme to address poverty

(Photo: Keith Blundy)Archbishop Sentamu at the Handcrafted project

The Archbishop of York has launched a new Church Urban Fund grant scheme to address poverty.

The Together programme will distribute £1m in funding to church and Christian projects tackling poverty across England.

Archbishop John Sentamu was visiting Durham-based project, Handcrafted, today to launch the grants programme.

(Photo: Keith Blundy)

Handcrafted is a Christian project that provides tailored training to help people disadvantaged by crime, unemployment, alcohol or substance abuse, to find a job and also serves the local community by providing affordable repairs.

The Archbishop said: "The Church of England can be very proud of the Church Urban Fund and the work that is done to support the poorest in our society.

(Photo: Keith Blundy)

"I am delighted to launch this new £1m Together Grants programme. We are called to bring good news to the poor and the Church Urban Fund helps make this a reality."

Paul Hackwood, Chair of Church Urban Fund said: "Poverty is so much more than simply a lack of money; it is a lack of the relationships that create human flourishing.

"We work through the church to provide a network of support for those who are excluded, that empower the poorest and most marginalised to take their proper place in society – Handcrafted is a great example of this work."