'19 Kids and Counting' season 10 spoilers: Duggars' baby gender reveal party for Josh and Anna's baby

TLC/ 19 Kids and CountingJosh and Anna are excited to learn the gender of their fourth child, on 19 Kids and Counting

There is always revelry in the Duggar household. Fans who closely follow the life of the big happy family in their series "19 Kids and Counting" are always part of those celebrations. The reason for most of these countless occasions is that the Duggar family continues to expand. 

Throughout the 10 seasons of the popular TLC reality show, viewers watched the family grow, with the older kids marrying and starting their own families. Jill, for one, welcomed her first baby with her husband, Derrick Dillard, just last month while Jessa will meet her and Ben Seewald's soon. With the news ever so fresh and always rumored, fans hope that before the finale of the current season, "19 Kids and Counting" will reveal whether the Seewald couple should prepare dresses or button downs for their bundle of joy.

As for the hottest topic in the Duggar unit, Jim Bob and Michelle's first born Josh and his wife Anna have the spotlight. The latest episode of "19 Kids and Counting" features what the Duggars love and almost always celebrate — gender reveal. It is not of Jessa's though but of Anna and Josh's fourth child. The next episode is likely to reveal if the new Duggar baby will be a boy or a girl. The much-awaited answer is sealed in an envelope and the family, most especially Josh and Anna's three kids, are excited to welcome their little brother or sister. 

Mackynzie, the eldest, hopes that the baby will be a girl simply because there are already two boys in the family. Josh, on the other hand, feels that Mackynzie will be a big sister to another adorable baby boy.

Season 10 episode 21 of "19 Kids and Counting" will reveal which of them is right.. Anna's due date is nearing and it won't be long before the Duggar family swells again.