Catholic Voice in Aids Subcommittee

CEO of Church Resources, Fr Michael Kelly SJ, says that "the Catholic community has a right to its representative"in Federal Health Minister Tony Abbott's HIV/AIDS subcommittee.Reports from this subcommittee go to the new Ministerial Advisory Committee on AIDS, Sexual Health and Hepatitis which formulate strategies to combat sexually transmitted diseases.

The gay community criticizes Fr Michael Kelly, fearing the appointment will allow the church to influence certain government legislation with their intolerance to homosexuality.

Speaking with the Sydney Star Observer, Fr Michael Kelly says decision making will be based on "common sense, the facts, the available money and the opportunities for proper and responsible public health behaviours.

"Brian Haill of Melbourne Catholic agency for the Australian AIDS Fund welcomed the appointment, saying it will be a significant Catholic contribution that'll help sweep away some of the dark fears and cobwebs in the church."