Women bishops at Synod - how it unfolded in 16 tweets

Synod can be pretty confusing for even the most seasoned Church of England congregant. So here's our roundup of what happened today, as told by Twitter.

As the day got underway, many noted that the atmosphere was much more gracious than Synod two years ago, which voted against women bishops by a small majority:

The general consensus seemed to be a vote for, and the poignancy of today's results didn't go unnoticed:

However, there were still loud voices of dissent:

In classic Synod style, there were some rather confusing animal metaphors thrown in:

And as the day went on, it seemed that some members were getting a bit fidgety:

Plenty commented that the gracious atmosphere present in the morning seemed to disappear in the afternoon as the vote got closer and tensions mounted:

But many praised Archbishop Justin Welby, who has been vocal in his support of women bishops, as he gave a 5-minute address expressing the importance of unity in disagreement:

But eventually it was time for the final vote:

And the Houses voted overwhelmingly for the ordination of women bishops:

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