New youth resource to help young people explore creativity in coronavirus world

Youthscape has released a new resource to help young people explore their creativity from a theological perspective. 

After months in lockdown, 'Showcase' is in part a response to the new corona world that young people are now growing up in.

The book contains 27 ideas for exploring young people's creativity within a faith context and can be used in an online setting. 

The six chapters cover areas of creativity like writing, art and construction, but is also designed to help people who may not immediately think of themselves as 'creative'. 

"We are all aware that the world has changed for young people, especially in the last few months, and that there is a need to find innovative new ways to reach and work with them," says Martin Saunders, Deputy CEO of Youthscape.

"Showcase is an attempt to re-focus some Christian work with young people around using their God-given creativity to help them think about faith, God and the rest of their world."

Although created for Christian youth groups, the resource is also idea for use in family or school settings. 

"Young people are blessed with the most incredible creativity, and sometimes we just need to unlock it," says Martin.

"We think this resource will help youth leaders to do that, and as well as enabling young people to express themselves creatively, give them a way to talk about and experience God beyond just using words.

"It will work really well in the new, socially-distanced version of Christian youth work, but we also think that it will have real value even when things return to a kind of normal."

Showcase is available to buy from the Youthscape website priced £10.