"At last we have a movie which tells the Jesus story like it is"

Reverend Dr Rob Frost a Methodist Minister and a leader of an ecumenical mission agency serving seven Christian Denominations has called for the British Board of Film Censors to change the certification on Mel Gibson's The Passion' from 18 to 15.

Dr Frost, speaking after seeing a press preview of the film said, "When you consider how much gratuitous violence is available through TV, movies and arcade games, it's ridiculous that a film which accurately portrays the historic account of what happened to Jesus in the last hours of his life should be given an 18 certificate.

It means that many of the church youth groups which would have gone to see this movie are now effectively excluded. The violence in the movie, though graphic, is a realistic account of the kind of methods of torture used by the Romans. It underscores the true message of the film, that we should love our enemies -- even when we suffer at their hands.

"Over the years, we have seen Jesus portrayed as a clown in Godspell, as a pop idol in Jesus Christ Superstar and as a failure in The Last Temptation of Christ. We've also seen him ridiculed in The Life of Brian. At last we have a movie which tells the Jesus story like it is.

I only hope the British Board of Film Censors will revise their decision so that this generation of young people can understand the true Christian message of forgiveness."