12-year-old calls out cop video: Youngster confronts cop, demands badge number after spotting him parking illegally

A 12-year-old called out a cop for illegally parking his motorcycle on a sidewalk.video screenshot

A 12-year-old has called out a cop and demanded his identification number after he spotted him parking illegally. The wayward police officer was video-taped by Jeremy, who was shocked to see him pulling up his motorcycle onto the sidewalk to buy a soda in Las Vegas.

The boy questioned the police officer, asking him: "Is there a reason for you to park on the sidewalk? Is it an emergency or anything?" The officer initially tries to avoid the boy's question and tries to move on. However, Jeremy did not give up and continued to ask him questions, demanding the police officer's identification number.

The officer continues to avoid the boy before eventually asking him why he wants his badge number. The smart 12-year-old replies: "Because I have a right to."

The officer tries to turn things around by asking Jeremy for an ID, but he obviously does not have one because he is a minor. The unnamed officer did not reveal his badge number, but instead ordered the boy to stop loitering.

The video of the incident has since become viral.

One Youtube user commented: "If an everyday citizen parked on the sidewalk to grab some ice coffee - would that citizen have been ticketed? OF COURSE! So why does the officer get special privileges. Good for you Jeremy!"

Another user added: "Awesome! Keep up the good work, Jeremy."

However, some users think the boy was being obnoxious. 

Matt B  commented: "This child obviously has too much time on his hands and no respect for the police. Maybe his parents should give him a little more attention and take his toys away."

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