The Ten Commandments DVD Starring Val Kilmer Releases

|PIC1|Hollywood star Val Kilmer stars in "The Ten Commandments - The Musical", as he leads a highly acclaimed cast of over 50 in the spectacular pop musical.

The musical tells the 3,300-year-old story of Moses' exodus from Egypt and his journey toward fulfilment, life and rebirth.

Directed by the Emmy Award winning Robert Iscove, the highly-anticipated home video DVD has recently been released through Echo Bridge Entertainment, the special DVD including a widescreen feature, a custom foil printed package and a Bonus Feature: Behind the Scenes with Val Kilmer special addition.

"The Ten Commandments - The Musical" is Val Kilmer's encore performance in the role of Moses. He previously provided the voice of the world renowned biblical figure in the popular Dreamworks' 1998 animated feature, "The Prince of Egypt".

Since training at Juilliard in his early career, which included a great deal of theatrical work, Kilmer has since appeared in forty feature and television films and has become one of Hollywood's most sought after and respected actors.

Intrigued by the possibility of following in Charlton Heston's footsteps and once again singing on stage, Kilmer readily accepted the offer to play Moses in the original US stage production of "The Ten Commandments - The Musical", which opened in 2004 at Hollywood's famed Kodak THEATRE.

"I asked myself whether any project I could develop would have as much impact as playing Moses, and there was no way," stated Kilmer. "I've really tried to capture the essence of the man."

"I think that the creators have been very responsible to the subject and at the same time have written a show that's intimate and accessible," Kilmer said. "It's hard to explain, but there is a sense of mission around this show."

"The Ten Commandments - The Musical" dramatically and convincingly illustrates the events of one of the most celebrated Bible stories of hope, faithfulness, persistence and triumph. The production presents the account of Moses' life in an elaborate on-stage production, retelling the Ten Commandments in a compelling presentation, which will undoubtedly change the lives of all who see it.

"We are certainly pleased to be associated with such a strong and prestigious undertaking as this," stated Tim Clott, President of Echo Bridge Home Entertainment. "We believe that families everywhere are hungry for such enjoyable and enriching programming as this."

"The Ten Commandments - The Musical" was originally featured on stages throughout Europe, including a venue in Paris, which motivated the international fashion magnate, Max Azria, to bring the production to the US.

"Producing 'The Ten Commandments' has allowed me to immerse myself deeper into the arts and to give wings to a project that is a great passion for me," says Max Azria, BCBGMaxAzria Entertainment. "I didn't choose to be a producer - I feel I was chosen. This is a mission of love."

The musical features a dramatically moving original score with music by world-renowned composer, songwriter, musician and producer Patrick Leonard, who is recognised worldwide for his long-time work and collaborations with music's top artists. Lyrics for the musical were penned by two-time Emmy winner and Grammy nominee, Maribeth Derry.