'South Park: The Fractured but Whole' DLC news update: New character class announced with DLC

SteamPromotional image for "South Park: The Fractured but Whole's" DLC

"South Park: The Fractured but Whole" is back at it again with the new breed of roleplaying game (RPG) feature, as the role-playing game (RPG) is about to get a new character called Netherborn along with its upcoming downloadable content (DLC) named "From Dusk Till Casa Bonita."

It is worth noting that Casa Bonita is actually the character Cartman's favorite restaurant in the show and video game and is based on a real-life restaurant. The DLC itself will introduce a new playable character class — the Netherborn, which players will recall were actually part of the base game, though as a nonplayable class.

This makes the total number of in-game classes now 11, though players will still be able to freely substitute the powers of each class. Players who pick the new Netherborn class will also be able to dress their "South Park" characters in full goth kid attire, meaning a combination of black leather and cotton clothing plus bizarre piercings and hairstyles.

Players will then be able to mix and match the Netherborn with the said other classes including Speedster, Brutalist and Blaster at the start of the game, with Elementalist, Psychic, Cyborg, Gadgeteer, Assassin, Martial Artist and Plantmancer unlocked in later progression. This means players will be able to pick two classes with the dual-class system to be able to fully utilize the strengths of both.

"From Dusk Till Casa Bonita" will cost $12 and will also be released on March 20 for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 (PS4) and PC, meaning the new class will likely be available on the same date. The new DLC will give players several more hours of RPG content to play through which involves a new story, new enemies and new gear to collect for player characters. Though, fans can assume that the story will just probably involve the characters traveling to the Casa Bonita restaurant fighting off a legion of vampire kids along the way, hence the title of the DLC.