MacBook Pro 2018 rumors: March announcement touted in new reports

Apple is known for setting a rapid pace when it comes to releasing newer models of its products. The company recently announced that it is set to release three new iPhone models for the first quarter of 2018, and it seems that the first release of the 2018 edition of its MacBook Pro is soon to follow.

Apple websitePotential buyers of Apple's upcoming MacBook Pro this 2018 can expect a much more efficient and self-reliant processor.

This speculation sprung from a report by Taiwanese website DigiTimes, in which the publication claimed that Apple will be placing huge orders to its suppliers for production, which will be highly profitable for hardware suppliers in Taiwan. The DigiTimes team also said that even though production for the iPhone X have slowed down due to unsatisfactory sales, the company will still be needing supplies for producing next-generation iPads, MacBooks and Apple Watches in 2018.

The report further said that the next-generation products, including newer iPhones, are expected to make it to the market after the products are officially announced in March this year.

"These makers have cutting-edge technologies or have newly tapped into the supply chains of Apple's consumer devices. Among them, SPT, which boasts pearl bright nickel processing technology, is ready to enjoy sizeable orders from Apple, which will incorporate the technology to process adapters for its new-generation iPhone, iPad and MacBook devices, slated for debut starting in March 2018."

The speculated March announcement is simply based on the company's previous schedules for announcing their newer products. Last year, the company announced a cost-friendly 9.7-inch iPad, and improved storage capacities for iPhone SE 32 GB and 128 GB.

Technology website Techradar assumes that if the March rumors are accurate, that would mean that the earliest possible release date for the new MacBook Pro would be in June, just like the company did in 2017.

Following last year's release, the MacBook Pro models, are expected to start at the same price range back in 2017, at $1,299, £1,249 or AU$1,899.

There have been rumors that Apple's 2018 release and desktops will include new versions of its ARM processor-based chips. The new MacBook Pro models are likely to pack Intel processors and the upgraded chips are expected help speed up the device by offloading key tasks.

Further details about the new MacBook remain scarce, but with March fast approaching, the company might release bits and pieces of information in the coming weeks.