Islamist plot to kill PM Theresa May in Downing Street foiled

An Islamist suicide plot to kill Prime Minister Theresa May with a bomb in Downing Street has reportedly been foiled, according to Sky News which cited unidentified sources.

Police and security services believe the plotters planned to launch an improvised explosive device at Downing Street and then kill May in the ensuing chaos, Sky reported.

ReutersThe Prime Minister Theresa May was targeted by an Islamist 'plot' that was foiled, according to Sky News. Here she addresses the country after Britain's election at Downing Street in London, Britain June 9, 2017.

Such is the seriousness of the plot that the director general of MI5, Britain's domestic security agency, briefed cabinet ministers on the plot, Sky said.

Sky reported that the plot was foiled with the arrest last week of two men by armed police.

London police said that two men arrested last week had been charged with terrorism offences and would appear in Westminster Magistrates' Court on Wednesday.

It identified them as Naa'imur Zakariyah Rahman, 20, of north London, and Mohammed Aqib Imran, 21, of south-east Birmingham.

In October, the head of MI5 said that Britain faces the most acute threat ever from Islamist militants seeking to inflict mass attacks.

After four militant attacks this year that killed 36 people in Britain – the deadliest spate since the London '7/7' bombings of July 2005 – MI5 chief Andrew Parker said the threat was at the highest tempo he had seen in 34 years of espionage.

Number 10 Downing Street is the official residence of the prime minister. It is heavily guarded.

In 1991, Irish Republican Army (IRA) militants launched a mortar bomb attack on Number 10. John Major, the prime minister at the time, was inside but not hurt.

A Downing Street spokesman declined immediate comment on the report.

Additional reporting by Reuters.