'Hand of Fate 2' adds mod support in latest update

SteamPromotional photo from the "Hand of Fate 2" Steam page

A much-awaited update for "Hand of Fate 2" has recently been released — the addition of mod support and Steam Workshop. The latest update has opened a lot of doors for the fantasy roleplaying game (RPG), now allowing the community to put their creativity and imagination to the test and create their own missions and tweaks in the preexisting elements within the "Hand of Fate" universe.

According to PC Gamer, the update gave the "Hand of Fate 2" players access to the Game Master's Toolkit, a program that Defiant Development — the game's very own developers — used to create the quests, cards, and enemies available in game.

Now that players have their hands on the toolkit, they will be able to do many of the things the developers were able to do during the developing phase of "Hand of Fate 2." Players will not only be able to create unique encounters with enemies, but with time, they will also be able to create full-fledged campaigns and put to use all the elements in-game such as blessings, requirements, rewards and more.

The announcement regarding the update was uploaded to Steam on Feb. 7.

"With the Game Master's Toolkit, you will be able to create anything from a simple encounter all the way up to a full-fledged challenge with its own win conditions, blessings, curses and artefact rewards. The toolkit is still in beta."

The announcement then went on to state that players could check out the creation of their fellow players — or share their own creations — on the Steam workshop. Because the Game Master's Toolkit is still in its beta phase, none of the current tools are permanent and changes will be implemented sometime in the future according to what the developers see fit.

"Hand of Fate 2" is a dark fantasy roleplaying game that focuses heavily on strategy and playing pieces. The player is up against the enigmatic dealer and must select the best pieces to obtain victory.

The game was released on Nov. 7, 2017 and has received mostly positive reviews.