'Framed' and 'Framed 2' are coming to Nintendo Switch this spring

YouTube/Loveshack EntertainmentA screenshot from the trailer of the upcoming "Framed Collection" for Nintendo Switch.

Loveshack Entertainment, the Australian developer and publisher of "Framed" and "Framed 2," announced that the two  groundbreaking noir-puzzle games that uniquely play like a comic book will be arriving on Nintendo Switch this spring in a compilation pack called the "Framed Collection."

Loveshack revealed the good news for Switch users in a Tweet the game studio posted on March 6. Loveshack said: "We're pleased to announce that FRAMED Collection a — compilation of our multi-award winning noir puzzle games FRAMED and FRAMED 2 will — be launching on Nintendo Switch this Spring." The YouTube trailer for the collection was also released on the same day.

According to GameSpot, the puzzle game is played by rearranging the panels of what looks like an animated comic book to change the corresponding events, making the heist successful in the process. "Framed" was released in 2014 while its sequel, "Framed 2" was released last year. GameSpot also reported that the puzzle games are only available for iOs and Android devices and that the upcoming Switch edition marks the first console port for the critically acclaimed games.

Meanwhile, there is also a possibility of a personal computer (PC) release for the upcoming "Framed Collection" based on the newly minted Steam page of the game collection. The PC version of the game will feature the panel-switching gameplay mechanics the games are famous for, the same unique hand-drawn aesthetic with silhouetted characters, the game's jazz soundtracks as well as fluid and lifelike animation for players to enjoy.

The "Framed Collection" PC version will also feature a completely overhauled experience for Steam players — the game will have beautiful and mysterious settings, a choice to use cats and dogs for players who are bored with playing as humans. The collection will also present lots of cigarettes and defenestration.

At the moment, Loveshack has yet to announce the specific release date and the price of the upcoming "Framed Collection" for both Nintendo Switch and PC versions.