Only God, the Designer, can make living creatures so complex, scientists say

A team of more than 20 researchers recently set out to seemingly simple scientific task: to create a "minimal cellular genome" to determine the basics of life. In the course of their experiments, however, they realized that only a Higher Being, can create creatures that are intrinsically complex.


Syria crisis an opportunity to spread Christianity, aid group says

Amid this bleak situation in Syria, Christian aid group Christian Aid Mission sees a silver lining. For the U.S.-based organisation, the current conflict in Syria is a good opportunity to share God's love to its people for them to discover the beauty of Jesus Christ's teachings.


Couple spends honeymoon helping Mother Teresa's nuns

Couples usually use their honeymoons as an opportunity to go to fancy places and spend time with each other. An admirable Spanish couple, however, chose to spend their honeymoon in prayer and serve others, in the company of nuns who followed Saint Mother Teresa's example.