Only God, the Designer, can make living creatures so complex, scientists say

A team of more than 20 researchers recently set out to seemingly simple scientific task: to create a "minimal cellular genome" to determine the basics of life. In the course of their experiments, however, they realized that only a Higher Being, can create creatures that are intrinsically complex.


How Much Time Should Christians Devote to God?

Some people are better at accomplishing things at a time crunch compared to others, but it all boils down to how people evaluate their goals and utilise the time they have been given.


Were Japanese Samurai Really Secret Christians?

Is it possible that hundreds of Japanese samurai were actually secret Christians who expressed their faith with codes hidden in their sword hilts? As far as the new findings of The Sawada Miki Kinenkan museum in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan are concerned, the answer is "yes."