Franklin Graham says Easter a 'fantastic opportunity' for Christians to show their compassion to Louisiana flood victims

Reverend Franklin Graham is overwhelmed by the destruction caused by the recent flooding in Louisiana, but he is grateful that Easter is drawing near because it would encourage his Christian brothers and sisters to lend a helping hand to those in need.


Couple spends honeymoon helping Mother Teresa's nuns

Couples usually use their honeymoons as an opportunity to go to fancy places and spend time with each other. An admirable Spanish couple, however, chose to spend their honeymoon in prayer and serve others, in the company of nuns who followed Saint Mother Teresa's example.


Christian parents told to keep their kids away from Satanic clubs

The conservative Christian group Family Research Council (FRC) has advised parents across the US to keep their kids away and not let them fall into the trap of so-called "After School Satan Club" that The Satanic Temple group is planning to launch in public schools.