Pastor Ed Young and wife Lisa explain why Sigmund Freud failed to grasp what it is women truly want: He had a God gap

Sigmund Freud might be recognised as the father of psychoanalysis, but the world-renowned doctor still failed to understand what is it that women truly want, and megachurch Pastor Ed Young said that it is only through God that it is possible to discover the answer to this mystery.


Digital Bible to connect with the 'unconnected' of the world

Faith Comes by Hearing (FCBH) is hard at work to provide Digital Bible access to the most remote regions in the world and recently forged a partnership with Integrity Applications Incorporated (IAI) to reach the people in the Middle East, North America, Southeast Asia and China.


Why XXX Church no longer supports Instagram

Pastor Craig Gross, founder of XXX Church, an online haven for those struggling with sex and porn addiction is no longer supporting popular networking site Instagram, and he has a very good reason why.