The Week's Top Stories

Does Friday's Black Moon Foretell The End Of The World?

Many conservative Christians are deeply opposed to astrology, for very good reasons, but get terribly excited about astronomical phenomena that seem to tie in with biblical prophecy.


Archaeologists In Israel Find Evidence That Proves Literal Truth Of Bible

Archaeologists have proved that passages of the Bible about the triumph of Judaism over the pagan Ba'al worship are literally true.


Should Christians Practise Yoga?

Should Christians practise yoga? For some it's a non-question, for others yoga is a compromise to Christian witness or a gateway to demonic powers. How can we navigate the conversation?


Too Many Demons, Not Enough Exorcists: US Priests Overwhelmed By Demand

During the last 10 years the number of Roman Catholic priests in America officially designated as exorcists has quadrupled from 12 to 50.


The Lie Single Christians Believe And How It's Harming Mission

Singleness is a wonderful gift – in our churches and on the mission field. So, why do we act like there's something wrong with it?

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