Wednesday 16 April 2014 Christian Today
Bob Coy and the idolatry of leadership: If we put our hope in earthly leaders, we'll struggle when they mess up
The recent revelation that US megapastor Bob Coy has stepped down from leadership amidst allegations of "moral failings" leads me to wonder whether we idolise our leaders.
Prosperity theology is 'false' and a 'parody of the grace of God', says Lausanne
American televangelists are a factor in the spread of prosperity theology, a Lausanne Movement consultation has heard
David Cameron: 'We should stand up against persecution of Christians'
The Prime Minister has attributed his social policies to Christ himself, calling him "our saviour".
Saeed Abedini's wife: It's very hard but God is holding me up and him up too
Naghmeh Abedini is continuing to walk in faith despite her husband Saeed Abedini's incarceration in an Iranian prison because of his faith
Would Western intervention against Russia over Crimea constitute a just war?
A soldier polishes the cross on a memorial at Camp Bastion in ...
Just war theory demands rightful authority, proper intention, a just cause and proportionality.
Singing Irish priest becomes unlikely YouTube star with Hallelujah rendition at couple's wedding
Singapore is the world capital of religious diversity
Easter 2014: Celebrate Easter in style with Champagne communion
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