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Campaigners warn UN of 'extinction' of Christian communities in Middle East

The crisis in the Middle East is the "greatest humanitarian crisis since World War II", and the massacre of Christians, Yazidis and other religious minorities demands international action, it was said at a UN meeting yesterday.


Sex and gender: Is the US government trying to impose a new orthodoxy?

The ERLC has incidentally highlighted the clash between deeply-held principles and the profound personal needs of those affected by them.


European Referendum – Should the UK be in or out?

Is there a Christian view of the European Union? Should the UK be in or out?


Christian pastor condemns gay comic book heroes

Steve Pauwels, pastor of Church of the King, Londonderry in New Hampshire said "sodomite supremacists" are even trying to turn Captxain America gay.


Why Ken Livingstone was wrong: Hitler was never a Zionist

From the early days of the Nazi programme, way back in 1920, the removal of Jews from German society and state was a key part of Hitler's policies.

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