The Week's Top Stories

Transforming prayer: Six important ways to pray for your friends and family

Krish Kandiah continues his journey through Ephesians, this time looking at what Paul can teach us about prayer.


Synagogue discovered from Jesus' time confirms accuracy of New Testament, says archaeologist

The ruins of an Israeli synagogue allegedly confirms New Testament portrayals of Jesus' life as accurate.


Christian Olympian who put her own bid for success second to help competitor who fell credits God

Abbey D'Agostino has credited her faith in God for the way she stopped to help a fellow competitor who fell down during the 5,000m qualifier in Rio on Tuesday.


9 reasons XXX Church misunderstand pornography consumption

XXX Church's blog Nine Reasons Men Should Stay Away from Porn raises concerns for me about their lack of understanding.


Should Christians be buried or cremated?

Since it was legalized in the laste 19th Century in the UK and US, cremation has been steadily gaining in popularity. Does this indicate something more than a change in our preferences?

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