The Week's Top Stories

The EU referendum: Four more weeks of disappointment, frustration and anger?

The great danger of what's happening in the UK is that it's simply reinforcing a disillusionment with the political establishment.


How to avoid being the next fallen leader

The news comes with depressing regularity – another shiny, charismatic, high-profile Christian leader has gone and had an affair.


Why you can't just love Jesus but hate the Church

It's a familiar phrase, and one that most of us have uttered in some form or other: "I like Jesus; the problem is the Church."


More women than men are abandoning church

The number of women attending church is declining faster than the number of men, a new study shows.


Intolerable cruelty? How evangelicals are rethinking the doctrine of hell

As a doctrine, many evangelicals find the idea of hell awkward or embarrassing.

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