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Russia's crackdown on religion comes into effect

The 'Yaroyava' package, named after their sponsor in the Russian Duma, has been fiercely condemned both by Russian Christians and rights activists and internationally.


Mike Pence: the evangelical former Catholic who may yet save Donald Trump

The Republican Vice-Presidential candidate abandoned the Catholic Church to become an evangelical after he "gave my life to Jesus"


The one argument that might make a hardline atheist stop and think...

Christianity works. We're used to the idea that individual testimonies are a strong witness to the truth and power of God. But so are larger scale episodes of forgiveness and grace.


'Garden of Eden' named World Heritage Site

The area includes a site considered by many to be city of Ur of the Chaldees mentioned in the Bible, believed to have been the birthplace of Abraham and his brother Haran.

Josh McDowell is raising awareness of the dangers of pornography

Josh McDowell: How I forgave the man who abused me as a child

McDowell, 76, was addressing the Together 2016 prayer rally, which attracted around 350,000 people on a blistering hot Saturday.

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