Zach Hunter revamps chivalry for the 21st century

Zach Hunter caught the attention of the church and world when he was just a teenager with his passionate stand against modern day slavery. 

Now the 21-year-old abolitionist has written a book examining what chivalry has to teach us about our conduct towards each other.

"For several years I've been talking about social justice, which is something I'm really passionate about, but in 'Chivalry' we'll look at what justice looks like in our personal lives," he explains in a trailer for the book.  

And for Zach, working to end poverty is important, but so too is being kind to those around us.  

"I really think it's great that my generation is caring for the poor and righting wrongs committed against others but I also want my generation to have a passion to live out justice close to home and not just half way around the world.  


"Wouldn't it be great if we were people marked by kindness?  People on a quest to live justly and chivalrously, to be transformed internally so our external lives are consistent with who we say we follow and what we say we believe." 

Chivalry: The Quest for a Personal Code of Honor by Zach Hunter is out now from Tyndale Momentum

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