Your Grace Finds Me: The new album from Matt Redman

Award winning artist, Matt Redman, returns with his new album Your Grace Finds Me, out now.

After the success of his previous album 10,000 Reasons, which earned two Grammy Awards and ASCAP honours, Matt Redman continues his traditional style with new tracks including "Your Grace Finds Me", "Mercy" and "Jesus, Only Jesus".

Opening track "Your Grace Finds Me" is a celebration of God's endless grace as Redman sings of the hardships we can encounter in life - all the places where we find His "great grace". The song's upbeat tempo and major chords generate an uplifting ambiance - a perfect introduction to his wonderful album.

"Mercy" delivers a strong message of compassion and, as the title suggests, a real sense of His mercy. The tender melody, mainly piano-led, offers a different style of worship song, one that is stripped and gracious.

As Redman sings "Mercy, mercy as endless as the sea", it's hard not to sing "mercy" in return. The song's simple and repetitive lyrics are nothing but refreshing.


The tempo quickens with "Jesus, Only Jesus", a song co-written with six artists including Chris Tomlin. The song encourages us to elevate Jesus above everything else and Redman reminds us of His great work, singing "who has the name above all names?".  After listening to this song, you will rejoice His name and everything that is Jesus.

Most of the album's earlier tracks maintain a steady tempo, "Sing and Shout" being my personal favourite due to its loud and expressive arrangement which, as the song says, "makes me want to sing" and praise Him, contrasting nicely with the slower tempo towards the end of the album.

Collectively, Your Grace Finds Me includes a variety of worship songs from dance tracks to piano ballads. It does not fail to disappoint as an uplifting and honest declaration of God's eternal greatness.

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