Young Gaelic speakers encouraged to become global citizens

Catholic aid agency SCIAF is promoting engagement in development issues among Scotland's young Gaelic speakers.

SCIAF has launched a set of posters in the Gaelic language encouraging young people to become active global citizens.

The posters are being displayed in schools across Scotland where Gaelic is spoken or taught.

They carry slogans calling the youngsters to be the change they want to see in the world, and regard people everywhere as their neighbours.

The new posters are part of a wider strategy to engage with the Gaelic community in Scotland.


The development agency's famous WEE BOXES, to be launched this Lent, will also feature a Gaelic slogan for the first time.

SCIAF's Director, Patricia Chale, said: "Engaging young people across Scotland is vital if we are to make hunger, poverty and injustice a thing of the past.

"This must involve the wider community, including in areas where Gaelic is the main language.

"I hope the new posters will encourage more young people in our Gaelic-speaking communities to become active global citizens and encourage others to get involved in supporting SCIAF's life-changing work."

Rosemary Ward, of The Gaelic Books Council and Gaelic spokesperson for SCIAF, commended the organisation for pro-actively reaching out to the Gaelic community.

"The new resources are a valuable contribution to the promotion and preservation of the Gaelic language and will hopefully encourage more young Gaelic-speakers to feel included in the agency's drive to promote active global citizenship," she said.

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