World Vision Launches Magazine for Teenagers

|TOP|International relief and development agency World Vision has launched a new magazine for young people called ‘Bug,’ with the aim of 'turning readers into knowledgeable impassioned activists'.

The magazine claims that 'you're not too small to make a difference,' encouraging teenagers and young adults to get involved in world issues of poverty, fair trade and justice.

The 20-page title will be distributed for free to supporters and subscribers three times a year. The editorial team insists that the title will not look or feel like a traditional charity magazine.

“It would not look out of place on a record store magazine stand,” says Bug editor Amy Polson. “Becoming an activist is challenging and exciting and we want the design to reflect this.”

|QUOTE|But it's not all style over substance, continues Amy: "Talking to young people and supporters we found that more than ever before teens want to actively engage with poverty issues. World Vision works in almost 100 countries across the world so is able to offer a wealth of stories and perspectives on how readers can really change the world.

"We hope to compliment existing consumer teen titles with a more mature and intelligent view on the world with practical solutions and real issues. It will speak the same language as its readers, neither patronising or slipping into development jargon.”

To subscribe free to Bug email or text Bug to 84118 or write to Bug magazine, World Vision UK, Opal Drive, Fox Milne, Milton Keynes, MK15 0ZR. Include your name, date of birth, address, contact telephone number and email (indicating whether you are willing to be contacted by email in future).

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