World Vision Calls for Emergency Aid as Flooding Escalates in South-East Europe

World Vision in Romania declared a Category 1 emergency situation due to the flood water surrounding the Rast community as nearly 4,000 people were evacuated.

|TOP|World Vision in Romania declared a Category 1 emergency situation due to the flood water surrounding the Rast community as nearly 4,000 people were evacuated. Romanian authorities are on standby to evacuate 10,000 more from four localities in Dolj, a county in the Wallachia region.

Thousands of Hungarians, Romanians, Bulgarians and Serbians are being threatened by floods to evacuate from their homes, after Dykes broke as the Danube river reached its highest level in over a century.

“No sponsorship projects are affected at the moment but the Craiova ADP is in the highest state of alert since approximately 1,000 children in our ADP could be affected in the coming days,” stated World Vision Romania Director Anita Delhaas-van Dijk, who announced the alert.

|AD|World Vision Romania plans to support flood affected people with food, water, clothing and hygienic kits to address their short term needs. World Vision Romania staff and representatives from Cernavoda Town Hall will ensure transportation of these goods to the flood affected people. Local authorities intervened with 15 motor pumps to evacuate the water.

Meanwhile, evacuated people are being housed in hostels, hospitals and schools; some have opted to seek shelter with relatives; while others are living in tents – with inadequate protection from rainy weather – on the roadside.

Dolj County authorities have requested the government provide water and food for 6,000 people.

“After the evacuation of the people in Rast commune, the place is a desolate sight. Over 100 houses have collapsed with more expected to follow over the next days as 700 are inundated with water. It has infiltrated the walls and in some places has risen to more than 1.5 metres high,” described Cristina Toma, World Vision Romania Communications Officer for Dolj ADP.

Weather forecasts predict that heavy rains are expected over the next two days, with Galati, Braila and Constanta counties at highest risk of being hit by floods before the Romanian Orthodox Easter, on April 23-24.

According to a recent press release from the Ministry of Public Affairs, 13 counties have been affected by floods, 170 houses are flooded and 120 houses are at danger of collapsing. Approximately 40,000 hectares of agricultural land, forests and pastures are also flooded.

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