When He Comes

CWR’s Advent book 2010 blends the conventional Advent message with a theme less familiar in recent decades.

The former Bishop of Carlisle, Graham Dow, and his wife, Molly, combine contemporary, 21st Century relevance with vital and hope-filled historic emphases as they explore the wonder and significance of Christ’s two comings.

The first is as the Son of God to be born as one of us and bear our sins on the cross, and the second, as King of kings and Lord of lords in great glory, to usher in the Kingdom of God.

Often forgotten at Christmas time, the second coming of Christ is a crucial aspect of Christian faith. The return of Christ has the power to motivate us to be faithful disciples, better prepared to endure the tests of life and to one day meet our Lord face-to-face.

Offering 31 days of devotional material, this guide can be used be individuals or by small groups. Each day helpfully combines a Bible message, devotional thoughts and an opportunity to ‘ponder or discuss’.

This advent guide will bless and encourage. It will pose new questions and stimulate the imagination.

Graham Dow was Bishop of Carlisle for eight years and is now an assistant bishop in the Chester Diocese. He travels regularly, teaching and speaking, and has written a number of books.

Molly Dow has been the Spiritual Advisor for Willesden and Carlisle. She is a Reader in the Church of England and has designed and taught courses on prayer and spiritual growth.


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