Wedding receptions moving away from tradition

Wedding receptions are no longer necessarily a traditional affair, with many newlyweds choosing to eschew the fruit cake and upmarket venue in favour of more budget-friendly options and personal touches.

While weddings of the past were usually followed by a formal sit-down-dinner, speeches and a disco, today's couples are more likely to be older, already have children, and live together, which means receptions are tailored to different needs.

Sue Roberts, who owns 'Topline Catering', a Somerset wedding catering company, says that receptions nowadays can be as unconventional as a couple likes.

"There is really no set format for a wedding reception today. What the many different receptions do have in common is in fact 'individuality'," she says.

"Today's newlyweds have the freedom to choose whatever they want in terms of the venue, the types of food and drink, the order and the format, and the level of formality – it's all acceptable," she says.


Ms Roberts notes that "wedding receptions today are generally less formal and there is less of a fixed format".

She attributes these changes largely to financial struggles and themed weddings.

"There really is no real set, typical wedding reception today. It's perfectly acceptable for people to choose whatever makes them and their guests happy and comfortable, within their budget," she says.

Less fruit cake? There are probably many who will propose a toast to that.

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