'Wayward Pines' season 3 release date, rumors: 2017 renewal possible despite drop in ratings

Promotional photo for "Wayward Pines"

Despite rumors of cancellation due to reports of a drop in ratings, fans of the FOX TV show "Wayward Pines" are still hoping for aseason 3 comeback.

According to a post by TV Line, "Wayward Pines" season 2 experienced a 36 percent drop in ratings, leading some of its viewers to believe that the show might not come back in 2017.

But when the same news outlet asked Dana Walden, Fox Television Group co-chairman and CEO, about her opinion on the renewal of "Wayward Pines" for season 3, Walden stated her optimism about the show's potential comeback, saying "I definitely think there could be a season 3," especially since "Wayward Pines" was ranked as "the No. 1 scripted show of the summer," Walden said after appearing in the August Television Critics Association summer press.

For the third season of "Wayward Pines," fans can expect more Abbies, since the last season's finale, which showed a newborn baby that looks like a human, suggests that the survivors were successful at saving humanity.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Blake Crouch, "Wayward Pines" executive producer, says that the third installment of the TV franchise would make way for the rise of Abbies. " Wayward Pines is very focused on the idea of human evolution and humans evolved into Abbies, but that does not have to be a static thing," he said.


The upcoming season of "Wayward Pines" will absolutely come with a theme surrounding the evolution of Abbies, especially since Crouch hinted that new humans would be turning into Abbies come season three.

Furthermore, Crouch explains that "Wayward Pines" will be moving forward with evolution as a significant part of the storyline, even Abbies, just like humans, will undergo changes and will eventually evolve into something else.

Fans can expect the third season of "Wayward Pines" to be on air in 2017.

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