Vandal pays for damage to anti-abortion display


A man who attacked an educational display showing the reality of abortion has written a letter of apology and paid for the damage.

The display was set up by Abort67 in Richmond last November and showed graphic images of the impact of abortion on an unborn child.

A warning sign had been set up by volunteers but a passerby became angry and started shouting abuse at them

According to the Christian Legal Centre, which supports Abort67, the man attempted to remove the camera that one of the volunteers was using and threw the warning sign over the hedge of a nearby house.

He then proceeded to break the posters on display, causing damage of around £500. The man was later arrested by police and cautioned.


Christian Legal Centre (CLC) has assisted John Rodger, who heads up the Abort67 Richmond group, with a private prosecution to seek compensation for the damage cause.

The man who damaged the display has since apologised and paid for the damage caused.

The CLC said anti-abortion protesters were often subject to violence and that it was "very pleased" with the outcome in this case.

Andrea Minichiello Williams, CLC chief executive said: "We're proud to stand side by side with Abort67. The work they are doing is changing public opinion and saving lives. We're always ready to support them and challenge anyone who tries to disrupt their work."

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