Treasured Christmas presents

(Photo: Bev Lloyd-Roberts)

Christmas is just a few weeks away and most of us will be thinking about what to buy for our loved ones, especially the children.

But a new poll by Safestore and YouGov reveals that we're simple creatures at heart.

More than 2,000 adults were asked about their most treasured childhood Christmas presents and it wasn't the expensive games console or mobile phone that topped the list but rather cuddly toys and bikes.

The most treasured presents received were:
1. A teddy bear or cuddly toy (28%)
2. A bike, rollerblades, scooter, skateboard or BMX (23%)
3. A board game or jigsaw (20%)
4.Lego and Duplo (17%)
A doll (17%)
Scalextric or train set (17%)
5. An electrical device such as a Walkman, first mobile or PC (13%)
6. A game console such as a Wii or Gameboy or computer games (12%)
7. An action figure such as Action Man (9%)
A collectible figure set such as Care Bears, Star Wars or My Little Pony
A doll's house (9%)

When it comes to hiding the gifts, 42% said they usually hid them in a cupboard. Just over a quarter (26%) hide them under clothes in drawers, while others put them on top of the wardrobe (24%).


Dave Cox, Head of Sales and Marketing at Safestore, said: "A lot of time and care is spent on choosing Christmas presents for children so we thought it would be interesting to find out which are still treasured years later.

"I got a Star Wars Millennium Falcon when I was six and I can still remember the moment when I unwrapped it."

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