'The Elder Scrolls 6' release date, news: Bethesda to add new leveling system to upcoming installment?

Although Bethesda has yet to offer confirmed details on "The Elder Scrolls 6," speculations about what fans can expect have already started making their rounds.

GamingBolt believes that one improvement that Bethesda can introduce for "The Elder Scrolls 6" is a new leveling system. Its predecessor, "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim," have already made some progress on this element of gameplay, since the title featured a combination of skills and character attributes for character level-up. However, when Bethesda released its newest RPG, "Fallout 4," it went back to a perks-based leveling system, where players level up based on their perks attribute and not on the skills which they have made use the most. For example, even if players continuously use the Pickpocket skill, they are still likely to be discovered if their Stealth perk is low. However, giving all attribute points to Stealth leaves other perks unbalanced.

It is said that should the perk-based feature be carried over to "The Elder Scrolls 6," it will be a mistake. Other RPGs have more organic systems, where a balance of skills, character traits, and attributes opens up a number of possibilities for leveling up the character.

Meanwhile, having a more organic, balanced leveling system also opens a number of gameplay possibilities. For example, a leveling system may be tied into a new companion system. iTechPost says that although the companion system has been a signature for Bethesda games, the developer has yet to come out with improvements for the feature. One way to change it is to introduce more companions per player — current companions are limited to one NPC. Having as many companions as possible, and managing the party in the best way possible, can then be tied into plus points for character level-up.

However, even if Bethesda does listen to fan feedback, it may take a while to see if the changes will be made. "The Elder Scrolls 6" is not expected to come out any time soon.