Service of peace and reconciliation to mark Flodden anniversary

(Photo: Geograph/Stephen McKay)
The memorial on the site of the Battle of Flodden

A service of peace and reconciliation will be taking place in Branxton next month to mark the 500th anniversary of the Battle of Flodden.

The battle killed an estimated 5,000 English and 10,000 Scots, including Scottish King James IV, the last British monarch to die on a battlefield.

The Solemn Commemoration takes place at 2:30pm on September 10 and will be attended by the Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, as well as the Anglican Bishop of Newcastle, the Roman Catholic Bishop of Hexham and Newcastle, the President of the Baptist Union of Great Britain and representatives of the Methodist and United Reformed Churches.

Rev Rob Kelsey, of Norham Church and the priest in charge of Branxton Church, was quoted by the Berwick Advertiser as saying: "It obviously was a turning point in history.

"We are seeking to honour those who died on both sides of the conflict. Part of the point of the Solemn Commemoration is to raise awareness as well as build bridges and work together towards a better future. This is a truly cross border commemoration."

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