Scripture Union launches free online resources for Bible Sunday

Scripture Union has launched free online resources to help churches prepare for Bible Sunday, which takes place this year on Sunday 26 October.

The resources are based on the 'Explorer's Guide to the Bible', a book published earlier this year by author John Grayston, who has been involved in SU Bible ministry for over 30 years.

Whilst the book aims at anyone wanting to know more about the Bible, the resources are designed to help churches highlight the importance of meeting with God through the Bible and prayer.

The resources include ideas for an all-age service and an adult sermon as well as interactive computer presentations for use with the talks. Resources provided by Scripture Union for Bible Sunday last year were downloaded over 1,300 times.

Grayston said: "Many of us find it hard to see how the Bible fits together. We enjoy the individual stories, are challenged by some of its demands and perhaps puzzled by some of the teaching.

"These resources for Bible Sunday will help you to stand back and take a look at the Big Picture to see the story of how God has been - and is - at work in the world."

A survey released in February this year, commissioned by The Bible Society in partnership with Scripture Union and others, revealed that one third of churchgoers, who were not leaders either said that the Bible was not regularly taught at their churches or were not sure.

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