'Scream' season 3 rumors: Series canceled due to low ratings?

Promotional image for the series "Scream"

"Scream" season 2 ended with a sudden cliffhanger, hinting that Brandon James, the original owner of the mask and the first serial killer in town, may still be alive. However, his reign as the third central killer may not be told across an entire season as the show may be canceled due to the low ratings achieved by season 2.

TV Series Finale showcases that the second season of the show saw a significant drop in the number of viewers, particularly within the 18 to 49 age demographic. The premiere episode rated 0.22 on the scale, but this rapidly decreased, and the finale episode only garnered 0.19. The lowest rating was for episode 4 which had 0.13 on the scale.

In comparison, "Scream" season 1 managed to garner an average rating of 0.34 which is much higher than the 0.19 average of season 2. Because of the sudden drop in ratings, the show has not yet been renewed, and it is speculated that MTV will simply cancel the show.

However, this does not mean that the story will not find some sort of conclusion. Posting on Twitter, it was hinted that the upcoming Halloween special episode will conclude the story regarding Brandon James and may serve as the official finale for "Scream."

MTV has yet to post any official synopsis for the special episode, but fans will recall that during the season 2 finale, Keiran (Amadeus Serafini) received a phone call in prison, and the person calling him was identified to be Brandon James, confirmed to have survived and may be coming back to take the mask and go on another killing spree.


A report from the iTech Post reveals that fans have launched a petition to get the show renewed for season 3, and the goal is to reach 5,000 signatures. However, even if the petition hits its goal, there is no guarantee that MTV and the series developers would renew the show if the Halloween special concludes the story.


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