Samsung Galaxy S8 release date, specs rumors: Flagship to follow iPhone 7 and remove headphone jack?

Samsung is said to be in a hurry to launch its next flagship phones, the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 EDGE. The tech giant is also rumored to be mimicking Apple's iPhone 7 which has no headphone jack when it was released.

Reuters/Albert Gea
The Samsung Galaxy S7 and the S7 Edge

The South Korean tech giant is rumored to oust the 3.5 headphone jack in exchange for its own propriety solution, and the company is said to be not alone in this endeavor. Other Android device manufacturers are said to be implementing the new connector soon, and it is not wireless. If this proves to be true, this move will be an echo of what Apple did to its latest offering, a Lightning port to an audio connector or a wireless connection for those non-Lightning port capable earbuds, Digital Music reported.

However, the sources of the publication declined to provide further information or give specific details about the ports and jacks that could replace the traditional jacks. The sources are afraid that Samsung could trace back the leak of information since the information is only limited to several parties.

With that information, it is then speculated that the USB Type-C connector could replace the 3.5 headphone jack, which is already been included in several of the latest smartphones in the market. These include HTC, Huawei, LG, Samsung, and Sony. Several devices from LeEco and Motorola have already eliminated the headphone jack and users have to use a 3.5 mm jack to USB-C headphone adapter.

Meanwhile, in terms of technical specifications, the next-generation smartphones are speculated to have the same screen size as their predecessors, 5.1-inch for the Galaxy S8 and 5.5-inch for the Galaxy S8 EDGE. The S8 series could also debut the 4K display panel, which was rumored to come along with the Galaxy S7. Processor wise, Samsung always has two options to choose from, but it is always the latest and fastest available chips from the Qualcomm Snapdragon or its own Exynos line.


It was also previously reported by Sam Mobile, that insiders are talking about two versions of the alleged smartphone, Dream and Dream 2, that come with the model numbers SM-G950 and SMG955, respectively.

For the meantime, the community is on the lookout for any official news coming from Samsung regarding their Galaxy S8 series smartphones.

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