Prayers said for Glasgow helicopter crash victims

The Archbishop of Glasgow has held a special Mass following Friday's tragic accident in which a helicopter crashed into the roof of a busy bar in the city.

A ninth body was recovered from the crash site at the Clutha Vaults Pub on Sunday night but rescuers said they could not rule out the possibility of more bodies being found, the BBC reports.

The accident has been a huge shock for the city and priests from St Andrew's Cathedral have been on hand during the ongoing rescue operation to offer assistance to the injured and relatives.

On Saturday, the Archbishop of Glasgow, Philip Tartaglia, held a special Mass at the cathedral, which is just 400m from the crash site, during which prayers were said for everyone affected.

Speaking ahead of the Mass, the Archbishop said he was "distressed" by the news of the accident.


"My heart goes out to all those who have been affected by this tragic accident," he said.

"Prayers will be offered for everyone, especially for those who have died, for the injured, and for the bereaved," he said.

"May the gentle presence of Jesus comfort us all at this difficult time."

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