Prayers said for April Jones

The Bishop of Bangor has offered words of comfort to the community of Machynlleth in Wales following the abduction of five-year-old April Jones.

Although her whereabouts remain unknown, Bishop Andy John said no one was lost to God and that He was with her.

The bishop was in the small market town on Wednesday to comfort the distraught community, which is in his diocese.

He was accompanied by the Rev Kathleen Rogers, priest-in-charge, as he visited April's school and the estate where she lives and was last seen four days ago.

A visit was made to St Peter’s Church where a prayer station has been set up for people to light candles, say prayers and write messages of hope.

In the afternoon, they met the police and search and rescue teams. A vigil was held for April at St Peter's last night.

Speaking ahead of the vigil, Bishop Andy said, “We may not know where five-year-old April Jones is now or what has happened to her but no-one is lost to God. I believe that He will be with her now, wherever she is, just as He is with us, sharing our grief and pain.

“People all over the country are now praying for April’s safe return and I hope these prays will envelop her and her family with a sense of God’s tremendous love.”

Members of St Peter's and churches across the diocese have said prayers for April’s safe return, her family and all those involved in the search.

St Peter's and the cathedral in Bangor have been open all day for people to come and pray, light candles and write their thoughts in the book of hope. St Mary’s church in Dolgellau also has a prayer station for April.

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