'Pokemon GO' Ditto easter egg not yet implemented: what to expect

The Pokemon Company/Niantic
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Despite the current offerings of the hit game "Pokemon GO," avid players are still eagerly awaiting the release of legendary Pokemon. One of these highly-desired Pokemon is Ditto, and a chain of recent rumors have been saying that it will be released sometime soon. However, this might not be the case due to the fact that data miners have been looking at the game's code and found nothing about the Pokemon Ditto.

According to Game Rant, the primary reason for the purported release of the Pokemon Ditto is because of the recent statements of the Niantic CEO John Hanke, who said that the next update of the game will be released soon. However, some players may have misunderstood his statements and thus started speculating about Ditto's release.

Apparently, that is not the case as some of the people involved in data mining the game's code only came up with some easter eggs such as Pikachu sitting on the trainer's shoulder or the naming trick for Eevee.

With this, it can be seen that no data was found about how Ditto can be discovered, captured, or unlocked through other means. The possible reason for this is that the Pokemon's inherent ability, Transform, can still be a work in progress for Niantic. After all, player versus player battles are still not much of a thing in "Pokemon GO," and the mechanic might pose a serious balancing issue for everyone.

Furthermore, according to NeuroGadget, some data for the game is exclusively for the server, which certainly put some players' hopes up. Despite this, it is not possible for Ditto to show up in the game for the time being. After all, the code should come up with something that would trigger Ditto's data from the server. As such, players can only speculate when the special non-legendary Pokemon will be released.

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