'Pokemon GO' Buddy System patch to kill rooted Android and jailbroken iOS devices: what to expect

Promotional Photo for "Pokemon GO"

The new update for the hit game "Pokemon GO" puts a new twist on the game which is hoped to revitalize the whole gaming experience for the hit title. However, with cheating staining the game's current reputation, it seems that Niantic has been working under the table to kill support for rooted or jailbroken devices, and the Buddy System update seems to have accomplished just that.

According to Yibada, when "Pokemon GO" was first introduced last July, a lot of players were able to use some tracking applications that allowed them to find a wide variety of Pokemon, allowing them to gain levels without adhering to the normal gameplay experienced provided by the title. As such, to reduce cheating on both Android and iOS devices, Niantic has been doing its best to eliminate the bots as well as the scrapers that destroy the fun for other players.

Niantic has stopped supporting rooted or jailbroken devices in the hopes that "Pokemon GO" will only be downloaded using the official Google Play Store or the iTunes App Store.

Regardless, the efforts are well-received by players and coupled with the Buddy System — where users can choose one Pokemon and make them their travel companion — players are certainly grateful as it will give them another avenue to gain more candies and evolve or power up their Pokemon.

However, CNET reports that "Pokemon GO" is no longer the top-grossing app. "Clash Royale" — a game made by Supercell — has displaced it from the #1 spot. The possible reason behind the latter's resurgence was due to its September update, which made a lot of players willing to spend more via in-game purchases.


In any case, "Pokemon GO" is still secure in its position as one of the top games around for mobile devices, and with its upcoming updates, it could still regain its spot as the #1 mobile app.

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