Oral Roberts uses Google+ to get interactive with students

Oral Roberts University has come up with an innovative way to connect with current students and those thinking about taking up their studies at the university.

The university has just hosted its first Google+Hangout for a discussion about life on campus.

The live video setting gave prospective students the chance to put their questions to Aaron Brown, director of student experience at ORU.

Questions ranged from whether students are allowed to bring an Xbox on campus to what some of the fun activities in Tulsa are.

ORU worked in partnership with Media Connect Partners for the interactive event.

"Using Google+ Hangout for @OralRobertsU gives the university a sense of transparency that many organisations don't embrace," said Brian Boyd, founder and president of Media Connect Partners.

"Our team at @MediaCPartners is proud to be working with an organisation that sees the true value in connecting with people through these new technologies."

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