'One Piece' chapter 840 spoilers, plot: Sanji to be made privy to the artificial army of Germa 66?

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Fans were surprised to see hints of an artificial army at the end of last week's chapter for hit pirate manga "One Piece." Accordingly, this week's chapter 840 is said to continue with last week's events, answering questions about the supposed artificial army of Germa 66.

Sanji continues to be a hostage by his own family, forced to enter into an arranged marriage with the daughter of Yonkou Big Mom. However, Sanji still harbors ill feelings against his family, and an event in last week's chapter forced Sanji to try and confront his brothers. Younger brother Yonji then revealed to Sanji that one of their brothers may already be a human cyborg, as it is hinted in the last panels that the Germa 66 is building an artificial army. While it remains unconfirmed, having a homegrown army is likely for the Vinsmoke family. Sanji's family background made it clear that his family is partial to emerging technology and skills to use in battles.

Meanwhile, the hint on last week's chapter may also be a teaser for the shift in chapter 840, leaving fans hanging on what has happened in the fight between Luffy and Cracker. The previous chapter has focused on the fight, with Luffy and Cracker managing to give out their strongest attacks against each other. Luffy, using his Gear Fourth, managed to weaken Cracker's armor, exposing the real tenth son of Yonkou Big Mom.

Whichever the focus of this week's chapter is, "One Piece" chapter 840 is still expected to have events unfolded in Whole Cake Island. Luffy and some of his Straw Hat Pirates crew have infiltrated Big Mom's territory in order to rescue Sanji. However, it seems that Big Mom already knows their intent on the island and will do whatever it takes to stop Luffy and his gang.

"One Piece" chapter 840 is a part of this week's issue of Weekly Shonen Jump.

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