'No Man's Sky' release date during Paris Games Week?

Has the launch date for "No Man's Sky" finally been outed?

This is the question of some fans seeing the latest bits of news that have come out regarding the game.

Many fans are currently pointing to Paris Games Week, which will take place from Oct. 28 to Nov. 1, as the event in which "No Man's Sky" will be officially launched.

To be more specific, fans are expecting the big reveal to take place during Sony's press conference prior to the event proper, and this will take place on Oct. 27, according to Design and Trend. Some also believe that the pricing details of "No Man's Sky" will be revealed at the event as well.

It's worth noting that a demo of "No Man's Sky" was scheduled for this week, specifically on Oct. 24 at the GameCity festival in the United Kingdom; but the game's developer, Hello Games, decided to pull out for now and stated that they will instead be making an appearance at a later time.

Some fans believe that the reason Hello Games has chosen to pull out of GameCity festival is they will instead make that rumored appearance at Paris Games Week.

Meanwhile, there are also those who believe that Oct. 27 could finally be the day that "No Man's Sky" will be released because of some recent happenings concerning the online retailer Amazon.

Apparently, some people who pre-ordered the game recently received notifications stating that the game would be delivered on Oct. 27, Forbes reported. Others of those who preordered, meanwhile, received emails indicating that the game would be shipped starting Oct. 28.

For their part, Amazon has indicated that this was simply a mistake on their part and that no official release date has been attached to "No Man's Sky."

More news about "No Man's Sky" will likely be available soon as Paris Games Week approaches.