New self-titled project from Royal Tailor releasing October; lyric video for Remain

Royal Tailor are getting ready for the release of their sophomore album on October 22.

The self-titled album, out on Essential Records, promises more eclectic pop-infused rock as well as a meaningful message challenging fans to make a difference in the culture around them.

It's the first album from them since their Black & White release in 2011, which gave rise to their first No 1 single, Make a Move, as well as a Grammy Award nomination.

And singer Tauren Wells sees a big difference in their approach to making the collection.

"I think the first album was based off of our instincts, because we were so new to everything," says Wells.

"In the last two years of touring, we've all grown. This time, we knew what we wanted to do, knew what we wanted to write about. Being out there on the road, seeing the things that kids are dealing with, what we're dealing with ourselves too – there's just so much learning that has taken place that we were ready to pour it all into these songs."

The pace of the album ranges from dancefloor energy in the track "Ready Set Go", to more tender moments offered by the ballad "You Are My Rescue" and "Remain".

Watch a lyric video for "Remain" here:

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