'NCIS: LA' season 8 spoilers: Change in leadership looms amid mole in the team; Callen to find love?

CBS/NCIS: Los Angeles
The cast of "NCIS: Los Angeles" in a screencap from one of the show's episodes.

Fans of "NCIS: Los Angeles" recently celebrated the news that the show has been moved up from its original release of Oct. 2 to Sept. 25 due to the shortened run of the CBS docuseries "The Case of JonBenet Ramsey" from six to four hours.

As if this wasn't good enough news, Movie News Guide revealed that the premiere will open with two episodes of high-intensity action.

The initial episodes of the season — entitled "High-Value Target" and "Belly of the Beast" — are expected to turn the team on its tail as it puts their credibility and their lives in danger.

Based on the synopsis released for the first episode, there will be some changes in leadership as Undersecretary of Defense Corbin Duggan (Jackson Hurst) will call for Hetty (Linda Hunt) and Granger (Miguel Ferrer) to step down because of the presence of a yet unidentified mole.

Because of this, the team will be sent to Syria where a mission will be put in jeopardy. One of the characters will be severely injured.


According to a report by Christian Daily, Chris O' Donnell's character Callen may also find himself developing a relationship this season. This has been on the fans' wishlist for the longest time as Callen has not been linked to anyone in the entire seven-season run of the series.

The show is expected to explore a romance between Callen and Anna Kolcheck (Bar Paly) — the daughter of Arkady Kolcheck (Vyto Ruginis) — who has been confirmed to have a more extensive storyline for season 8.

Regular cast members Eric Christian Olsen and Daniela Ruah — who play Deeks and Kensi, respectively — will also see some progression in their story as they get engaged and are expected to get married this season. The show may also throw in a baby into the mix to write in Ruah's real life pregnancy into the show.

"NCIS: Los Angeles" season 8 is set to premiere on Sunday, Sept. 25, at 8:30 p.m. EDT on CBS.

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