'NBA 2K17' MyPark news: five events, more animation options, badges featured

NBA2K17 Legend Edition features Kobe Bryant on the cover.

Game publisher 2K Sports has finally released "NBA 2K17," the 18th installment in the "NBA 2K" basketball simulation game franchise, and the MyPark mode seems to have caught the attention of fans.

"New this year is the idea of Parks being 'event" driven,'" wrote online producer Shane Coffin on Facebook. "Throughout the year, we will have different events scheduled, ensuring that the park is always fresh and always changing."

Coffin explains that gamers can access the five different types of events from one of the gates in their MyPARK. These are the 3v3 "winners win" Mountain Dew 3x Tournament, in which a team gets eliminated if their entry tokens run out; Rival Day, in which Rivet City tries to keep their top position while Old Town and Sunset try to unseat them; Ante-Up, the progressive jackpot of which could build up to millions; House Rules, which offers five different "rules"; and Double Rep Weekends, which will take place "throughout the life cycle of 2K17."

Moreover, game developer Visual Concepts added more animation options so that gamers can better customize their MyPLAYER character. These are Squad animations, Hanging Out animations, Personal Introductions, Getbacks, Post-Game Celebrations, Gameplay animations, and Rep animations.

As explained on Twinfinite, gamers can also purchase on-court and off-court clothes and shoes for their characters using their VC. All they have to do is go to the Stores and Upgrades section in the MyPark menu and select which store they want to go to and which items they want to purchase. They can either equip the items to their character immediately after shopping, or they can go to the MyPlayer Inventory to get it changed.


Gamers can also equip four Park Cards of their choice, regardless of category. Coffin likewise says that gamers can earn nine park-specific badges, namely Game Point, Road Dog, 7 Oh's, Iron Man, Legend Takeover, Park Bully, Winners Only, and Streak Breaker. Sportsrageous says there are 55 confirmed badges in all, such as Wild Card, Alpha Dog, and Acrobat. Also, players can earn Upgrades and see the player card of anyone in their park.

"NBA 2K17" is available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Windows PC.

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