'NBA 2K17' news: Websites offering free locker codes and VCs a hoax?

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Ever since 2K Sports' highly popular basketball simulation video game "NBA 2K17" was released just a few days ago, some of the most searched keywords on Google has been about the game's locker codes. The codes are basically one way of getting ahead of the game as it gives players access to bonus in-game currency or VCs (Virtual Currency) as well as in-game items.

The developers themselves have not yet announced any official locker codes for the game just yet, apart from a promotion with Ruffles Chips but several fans are already claiming that they were able to get free VCs from unofficial websites.

Currently, there are online websites that offer some tips and tricks for getting huge amounts of VCs, but most of them have been through playing techniques and even high stakes gambling in The Stage on the game's MyPark mode.

The majority of these tips and techniques require a staggering amount of effort and luck, but fans are apparently clamoring for a way to get locker codes for free without any effort.

Now, fans are claiming that they have received locker codes from a rather shady website that gave them as much as a million VCs.


One fan posted on Twitter than he received a 100,000 VC while typing in a locker code he got from a website called nba2k17-lockercodes.com. Several fans, however, were not as lucky and claimed that the site was bogus and that it was peddling non-working locker codes. The site itself mentions that it got locker codes from 2K Sports themselves and that they are just helping out gamers, but the claim in itself does sound too good to be true.

It is not yet clear as of the moment what the goals of these sites are, but for the most part, they apparently are not giving away any official locker codes from 2K Sports themselves.

For now, players might be better off not falling for these types of websites and it would be safer for them to just wait until 2K Sports announces its official locker codes for the game.

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