Alex Hribal PHOTO, Facebook: 16-YO is the Pennsylvania stabbing suspect at Franklin Regional High School

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Alex Hibral

UPDATE: Alex Hibral has been named as the suspect in today's grisly rampage. So far, investigators have not found a motive for his violent attack. His alleged Facebook page has photos of Kurt Cobain, who committed suicide nearly 20 years ago.


Nearly two dozen people have been stabbed at a suburban Pennsylvania high school this morning, early reports indicate. Westmoreland County officials state that it is unknown exactly how many students versus staff were attacked.

The assault occurred before 8 a.m. Wednesday morning at Franklin Regional High School in Murrysville, about 15 miles from Pittsburgh. The Chicago Tribune reports that as many as 20 people were stabbed, and are in unknown condition. A spokesman for Forbes Regional Hospital states that eight individuals have been transported to its facility.

Several sources report that the suspect, who is believed to be a sophomore at the high school, attacked people in the first floor hallways, and also went classroom to classroom stabbing his victims.

A message on the school district's website informed parents that a serious event had occurred.

"After a critical incident at Franklin Regional Senior High School this morning, the campus was locked down," Assistant Superintendent Mary Catherine Reljac wrote in a statement. "Elementary classes were cancelled and high school students were evacuated to the middle school. Law enforcement are working with the school district to manage the situation."

Officials report that one male suspect is in custody. It is unknown whether another party was involved, or what type of bladed weapon was used to injure so many individuals.

The attack is reminiscent of an April 2013 stabbing spree at Lone Star College-Cyfair in Cypress, Texas. One suspect, Dylan Quick, stabbed 14 students, critically injuring two.

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