Most Londoners eat in front of the TV

(Macin Smolinski)

The traditional dinner at the table has died a death in the capital, according to a new poll.

In a survey of 1,000 Londoners this month, Birra Moretti found that a massive 88% of the capital's residents were choosing to sit down in front of the TV to eat their evening meal.

A third (35%) said they eat at the table once a week or less, while nine per cent said they did not eat at the table at all.

Nearly half (49%) of the men surveyed said they eat at the table every day, far higher than women (38%).

Seventeen per cent of 45 to 54-year-olds never eat at a table, and fourteen per cent of Londoners aged 25 to 34 said they ate on the bus or the train.


Al fresco dining was popular, with over a quarter (27%) of Londoners saying they preferred eating outdoors.

Thirteen per cent of Londoners said they enjoyed eating in bed, while 10% said they ate whilst walking or running. And a handful (3%) chose the unconventional option of eating in the bath.

One July 26, Birra Moretti will be turning Soho's Golden Square into a Tuscan Piazza for a one-off Italy Live event, linking live via satellite with San Gimignano Piazza in Tuscany.

Paolo Morello from Birra Moretti says, "For us the Moretti table symbolises so much of the Italian way of living – it celebrates the best that life has to offer, great food and beer in the company of family and friends. Italy Live is all about encouraging Londoners to get back around the table, to take some time out from their hectic schedules and enjoy 'il dolce far niente' – 'the sweetness of doing nothing'."

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