Microsoft Surface Phone release date, specs, news: Microsoft to include a fingerprint scanner feature; phone's launch date yet to be announced

Reuters/Dado Ruvic
The Microsoft Surface Phone won't be released anytime soon.

Some reports are saying that the upcoming Microsoft Surface Phone will be packed with various features that make it a major upgrade in terms of hardware. With this, Microsoft is hoping to compete against the more prevalent Android and iOS devices in the market today.

According to the Express UK, tech giant Microsoft has recently filed a patent that seems to have something to do with a new kind of fingerprint reader, which the users will have to touch in order for them to unlock the device. However, what makes the device unique compared to the conventional fingerprint readers in other phones is that instead of embedded sensors on either the rear of the Surface Phone or under a home button, it will have a unique feature in place.

The patent application is for a fingerprint detection with a transparent cover, which installs a sensor fixed under the phone's glass surface. The surface is what basically makes up the phone's screen display, and when the owner uses their finger to press against the glass, the sensor is then able to detect the friction ridges, which can unlock the phone as well as grant access as it is set to do.

The main reason behind this one-of-a-kind set up could be because of the fact that unlike most of the leading Android and iOS devices today, Microsoft still does not have any fingerprint scanning feature installed in any of its mobile devices. Instead, the company is using the retina scanning systems in their Hello service, which is part of the current Windows 10 set up.

Meanwhile, Christian Daily reports that Microsoft will still plan to push through with their Surface Phone despite the relative decline of their Lumia phones. However, enthusiasts are advised to stay tuned for more updates, as Microsoft is still keping quiet about the Surface Phone's release date.

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