Macbook Pro 2013 release date June 10 at Apple's WWDC with Haswell processor; Best Buy drops price of 13-inch retina Pros to $1,349

Apple's line of Macbook Air and Pros are expected to see some upgrades when it is revealed at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June.

KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chu Kuo, who is known for accurately predicting release dates for Apple's highly anticipated products, recently wrote in his latest research paper that refreshed versions of the Macbook Pro series will make an appearance at the conference.

The power laptops may come with the rumored Intel Haswell processor, which is expected to be unveiled by Intel just a week before the WWDC. The generation of Macbook Pros launched in 2012 is powered with Ivy Bridge processors.

It was previously believed that Apple would upgrade its next generation of Macbook Pros with retina-display, but that will not be necessary. The Pros will also keep its optical drive, as it still remains popular amongst users.

Previous talk and rumors of the Macbook Air coming packed with a retina-display have also been played down.


Meanwhile, the 13-inch Retina Macbook Pros have become more affordable due to Best Buy and Apple teaming up to push down prices this week. The tech retail giant offered the 2.5 GHz 13" Macbook Pro (8GB, 128GB) for just $1,349 this weekend before selling out.

The normal retail price of the retina 13-Inch Pro is $1,499. The latest price drop is just weeks away from the rumored unveiling of the 2013 Macbook lineup at the WWDC.

Kuo predicts that the new lineup will begin to ship by the end of the June quarter.

The WWDC event, which will take place June 10-13 in San Francisco, is an annual conference for Apple developers and engineers to get an "in-depth look" at what's next in iOS and OS X, and to learn how to take apps to the next level.

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